Ayurvedic cure in South India, at Vishram Village, Ayurvedic massage in Kerala India

If you wish to have an Ayurvedic cure in South India come in Vishram Village for a stay all package with Ayurvedic massage in Kerala South India

For an Ayurveda cure in South India, Vishram Village Hotel offers you high quality of cares and provide harmony between your body and your mental

Enjoy an unique stay dedicate to well being to Vishram Village. The magical scenery of India and the French touch will allow you a complete escape from the mundane.

Ayurvedic medicine, from the indian tradition is considered the oldest holistic natural medicine in the world It mainly uses plants and vegetal oils for cares

Vishram Village, hotel in India provide Ayurvedic treatments is a beautiful and authentic place, services, welcome and quality of Ayurvedic treatments  are wonderful.

The  Ayurvedic cure in South India is inspired by the ancestral Ayurvedic medicine and allow you more than a classical fitness cure : An in-depth resourcing, the discovery of our deep nature and a better self knowledge.

To book a package or a stay, to get information, prices or any others request, contact Vishram Village at :  (+91) 90 48 16 10 43

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